How Does ClubAlert Work

ClubAlert comprises a FREE ‘App’ that runs on specified Smartphones, plus the Transmitter Units that fit into the grip of your golf club. When a club is taken from your bag it is monitored by the ‘App’, and if it is left beyond a certain distance, (around 35mtrs), then the phone will alert you either by a sounder or vibration. And NO – YOU DON’T need to have your phone ringer ON – so no chance of upsetting other golfers with phone calls.

Compatible Smartphones

At initial launch of the product the supported phones are:
iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5C & iPhone5S or later, MUST be running iOS7.
Some Android phones running version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later (but check as below).

Checking if your phone is compatible

Go to the APP store for your smartphone and search for ‘Club Alert’. If it is there then download and install (it is free). Load the APP and select the ‘Start Tracking’ option. If the APP shows a little pop up saying “No Devices Paired” then you are good to go – the ‘phone is compatible – so go buy some devices. If it isn’t compatible it will either not install at all, or will give a message saying so when that option is selected.

Setting up a new Unit

This process only needs doing once for each unit, and will ‘Pair’ it to your App, in order to make sure you are only tracking your clubs and not someone else’s. Make sure you have a phone that can run the App’ then go to the relevant Store and download it – it is FREE – just search for ‘ClubAlert’. Pair one unit at a time as follows;

Take the ClubAlert unit and flip off the cap, using a small coin in the indent, to show the battery. Remove the sliver of plastic so that the battery becomes live, then replace the cap, clicking into place.

Select ‘Settings’ in the App’, then ‘Setup/View Clubs’. As long as the battery is live, and you are not trying to pair it in the dark, you should see a message that says ‘Clubs Not Paired’. If you try to do more than 1 at a time then a message will warn you.Tap on the message, and the App’ will then give you a chance to enter a name for that club. You should enter what it is, eg Sand Wedge; 9 Iron etc.

That’s it – all set up. Push the ClubAlert unit into the hole in the grip until it’s nice and snug and put your club in the bag. Repeat the above for each unit you buy.

You should see each club paired in the list ‘My paired clubs’.

Setting Up the Alert Options

Select the ‘Alert Settings’ option from ‘Settings’.

The App’ can be set to either vibrate, play a sound or both. NOTE that your phone ringer CAN BE SWITCHED OFF so that you don’t get phone calls or texts whilst playing golf – but ClubAlert WILL STILL SOUND.

The ‘Vibrate’ option can be set on or off by sliding the white spot.

The Alert Sound to play can be selected from a list of available options by clicking on the button and selecting the required option, or selecting Sound Off if only vibrate is wanted. Once selected the sound can be heard by pressing the speaker icon.

Once options selected simply ‘Close’ the screen.

Using ClubAlert when playing Golf

When you go out to play golf, all you need to do is load the App’, and select ‘Start Tracking’. The screen will show you how many clubs are being tracked. TURN OFF your phone ringer (not the phone itself) as a matter of courtesy to other golfers, and then either carry your phone with you or put it in a pocket of your bag. Enjoy your round in the knowledge that your clubs are being protected.

When you take your club out of the bag, the APP will recognise it and show ‘1 club out’. (You DON’T need to be looking for this – but you can check it’s working by looking if you want to). When it goes back in this will disappear. If the club is ‘OUT’ but left a distance from the APP (depends on conditions but usually around 35mtrs) then the ALERT will sound or vibrate.

Moving a ClubAlert to a different Club

If you remove a ClubAlert unit from one club and put in another – you don’t need to do anything. It will still work but will show up as the description you first entered. If you want to change the description then simply go to ‘Setup/View Clubs’ in the settings; tap on the one to unpair; then pair it again as described above entering the new name.

Removing ALL pairings

If for any reason you want to unpair all of the ClubAlert units simply select the ‘Reset Paired Clubs’ option in settings.

Checking & Replacing the Battery in a unit

Because the power is only being used when out of the bag, we estimate you should get over 150 rounds of golf before needing to replace a battery. To check, load the APP, Start Tracking, and remove a club from the bag. You will see that it also shows the battery level. If it starts to get very low then purchase a new CR1632 coin cell. Flip off the top of the unit, push the old battery out and discard, and replace with the new one.


I can’t find the APP on my Phone

I have the APP loaded but the ClubAlert device doesn’t show up on the Setup screen

There is more than 1 unit showing up when I try to Setup my unit

I left my club behind and wasn’t alerted

I was Alerted when I had the club near me

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